Custom Acrylic Plaques


-These all deviate from the normal "Logo, Writeup, Image" layout and add the extra personal touch.

-Customer is responsible for providing requested imagery;

I just make it look good.

Base Price: $150

12" x 15" Black: $150

16" x 20" Black: $225

Additional Options:

-Embed or Epoxy a Rank/EGA coin we provide (We carry USMC Only): $5/ea

  -Embed or Epoxy Your Coin(s): $5

-Mount Awards/Ribbons: $5 + Items (We carry most ribbons/devices (USMC only))

-Mounting of personal objects: Determined by item ($5 minimum)

-Engraved Plate: $5 - $10

*Prices Listed Subject to Change without Notice*