Custom Wood Plaques


As the name suggests, each of these items are custom made-to-order.

Pricing is determined mostly by overall size, type of wood, complexity of design and Additional Options used.

Click an item's image below to see what it was sold for. Use this price as a rough estimate only.

*Not all items shown can or will be recreated*

Prices in relation to stock sizes. Draw a box around the entire project and use that as your reference.

8" x 10": $70

9" x 12": $95

10.5" x 13": $110

12" x 15": $130


Additional Options:


-*Engraved or Mounted Photograph: $5 - $10

-Embed or Epoxy a Rank/Branch coin we provide (We carry USMC Only): $5/ea

-Embed or Epoxy Your Coin(s): $0 - $5

-Apply Color Fill(s): $5/color

-Mount Awards/Ribbons: $5 + Items (We carry most ribbons/devices (USMC only))

-Mounting of personal objects: Determined by item ($5 minimum)

-Engraved Plate: $5 - $10

-Custom Acrylic: Determined by Design