Shadow Boxes

A shadow box is a wonderful and decorative way to showcase one's life or career in the military. We have a range of boxes to display everything from a single flag, to multiple flags, uniform(s), swords and firearms. They can sit on a shelf, hang from the wall, or even be constructed into a coffee or sofa table.
Lead Time: Typically 10-15 Business Days *Once We Have Everything Going Inside*
Tables take longer, minimum 4 weeks.
All prices include the following:
-Construction of shadow box in oak
-Natural stain
-Black, red, or dress blue/bloodstripe backing (USMC)
-Engraved plate
-Labor to mount all items into the box
What do you pay on top of the listed price?
Anything going inside the box besides the engraved plate. For example:
-Flags (American and/or USMC)
-Ribbon stack
-Shooting badges
-Unit patches or challenge coins
-Rank insignia
-Multiple Backing Materials
Save Yourself A Trip!!!
We stock most of these items! Save yourself time and gas by giving us the shopping list! Typically the only things we do NOT keep on hand that YOU must provide are: uniforms, officer/NCO swords, genuine patches and challenge coins.
Missing a patch or challenge coin? We make engraved wood ones, as you will see in many of the shadowboxes in the galleries below. 
Call For Details 760-445-3979
Small, and Single Flag Display Boxes

Medium, Single Flag Shadow boxes

Large, Dual Flag Shadow boxes

See Gallery for Pricing and Details.

Extra Large, Displayed Uniform Shadow boxes

Sword and Coffee Table Shadowboxes